How Dental Implants Can Avoid The Need For Denture Realignment?

Dentures are one of the most popular methods of missing teeth/tooth replacement, but in order to function properly, they need to be realigned periodically because with time your gums recess, which causes your dentures to become loose. Loose dentures are not just uncomfortable, but also cause bite and speech problems.With advanced implant-supported dentures, there will be no need for dental denture realignment and you can lead a normal life like before!

Why do dentures need periodical realignment?

When you have all your teeth intact, your jawbone receives constant stimulation from your teeth that signal new bone growth. But, when you have missing teeth, your jaw will no longer receive that stimulation and your bone will start to recede quickly.

Even if you get dentures, your jawbone will not receive the stimulation, as a result of which, your jaw will change shape, and in turn your dentures will not be able to fit properly as before.That’s why periodic realignment will be required, about every two years to ensure your dentures fit properly.


Implant-supported dentures are the best method of missing tooth replacement. Implant posts will be placed in your jawbone. After which, temporary dentures are attached to the top of the posts. After your mouth has completely healed, final restorations will be attached to your mouth at Ridgetop Dental International’s best dental clinic in Bangalore.

How do they eliminate the need for realignment?

Implants not just act as your tooth root, but also provide stimulation to your jawbone. It is because of this quality, they prevent degeneration of jawbone and your jaw and face from changing shape. With proper care and regular check-ups by Ridgetop Dental International’s expert dentists in Bangalore, you can enjoy your implant supported dentures for the rest of your life.


Implant supported dentures provide important benefits for your smile and normal dental function. The experts at Ridgetop Dental International will use advanced imaging system to examine your mouth and ascertain whether you are the right candidate for implant supported dentures.

Schedule an appointment with Ridgetop Dental International today! They look forward to improving your oral health and giving you a confidence like never before!

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